February 26, 2008

Marble Technique

What I am about to show you is one of the pages in the advanced scrapbooking. Both classes were canceled for different reasons - weather (yes, snow) and family. Anyway, I decided to just showcase one of the projects here for all who want to see it. The other technique from that class will be done at our Michigan Scrap Weekend!

This technique is not my own. I saw it somewhere along the line, cannot remember where AND I am not really sure if this is the "official" name of the technique. However, here it is...

The eggs on this page

Alpha Stamp Set is Stampin' Up's Big Deal Alpha
The faces are blurry on purpose and the blank space is for my journaling:)

And the ornament on this card

Use this technique

1. Gather your supplies -
Crystal Effects or other clear glue
2 or 3 colors of reinker
2 sheets of acetate (I used transparency film)
White card stock

2. Put a generous amount of Crystal Effects on both pieces of transparency.

3. Using the brush, spread out the Crystal Effects.

4. Drop the first color of reinker on the Crystal Effects on ONE piece of transparency.

5. Add the other one or two colors of reinker. If you use too many colors or too much reinker the colors will muddy when they are smooshed in the next step.

6. Put the other transparancy on top of the reinked one.

7. Using your hand smoosh the inks

8. Lift off the top transparency and stick both of them to separate pieces of card stock

9. Use the marbled paper as desired. I cut out circles and ovals to use on my projects.

If you do this technique, leave me a comment. And, if you upload a picture of your project to an online gallery, leave the link so I can see it!

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