October 15, 2008

I love clean stamps!

Okay, most of you know that I LOVE clean stamps. I love clean stamps for several reasons -

  • Cleaning your stamps keeps ink from building up in the rubber lines thus keeping the images crisp
  • No leftover ink on your stamp - If use a stamp previously inked and stamped with blue and then go to stamp with yellow your image will be "yucky" not a crisp wonderful yellow
  • A clean stamp does not put gross inky stuff on my versamark pad - If you want to keep your versamark pad clear for good clear watermark images - clean your stamps.
Basically, I like crisp, clean, clear images when I stamp - thus I clean my stamps.

To clean my stamps, I use a Stampin' Scrub from SU with the Stampin' Mist. I spray one side of the scrub "Wet Side" and keep one side dry to "dry" off the stamp after it is cleaned.

Now, since I clean my stamps regularly my Stampin' Scrub gets dirty! I have had several questions on how to clean the stampin' scrub and decided to try to upload a how-to video instead of pictures. So for what it is worth --- here it is!

Sooooo - um - yes - my scrub is usually MUCH dirtier than it was in this video (I wonder if I had already cleaned it:)...scratching my head! And, I guess I used a little more than a "dab" of soap! That is basically what the words at the end of the video say...Oh well, you get the idea!

ETA: Although I have been cleaning my pads like this for years, one of my wonderful customers broke the hinge on her pad when she was "wacking"! Wack softly and hold firmly - or - just sop up water with towels.:)

Hope this helps someone!

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