July 09, 2009

Easy Color Combination Machine

colorcombobuttonoliveClick on the button in the right side bar under categories that looks like the picture above and you will be taken to a fabulous machine that helps select Stampin’ Up color combinations.

It looks like this except for the 1.2.3. steps…I added those:)

Fullscreen capture 742009 83058 PM.bmp

1. Select a color from the scroll bar on the left and click it. It will be added to the top as a color to look for. Find another color (up to 5 total) and click .

2. Once your colors are in the top row, click search under the selected colors

3. The suggested color combinations will appear in the bottom right box

It will look like the picture below!

Fullscreen capture 742009 84056 PM.bmp

Have fun!

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